Fare jumpers arrested for more serious crimes


In an effort to boost their revenue streams, the MTA has ramped up enforcement efforts against those who attempt to avoid paying their $2 fare. For the cops, it seems, these efforts have been paying off as around 400 of the 7000 people arrested per month have outstanding warrants for more serious crimes. In light of last week’s shooting in a Queens F station, the cops are now more aware than ever that around six percent of fare jumpers could pose a risk of violence.

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6 Responses to “Fare jumpers arrested for more serious crimes”

  1. Todd says:

    Regardless of the affects of their “Broken Window” tactics, are criminals able to pay a fine that would increase revenue streams?

    Also, is there a fine for using the emergency gate when it’s not an emergency? If that’s the case, I know a couple spots they could rake in the cash.

    • Todd says:

      Sorry, I meant “The MTA” when I referenced “their Broken Window tactics.”

    • Kai says:

      Yes, there is a fine for misuse of the gate, but I’ve never seen it enforced, even when a cop is standing right next to one. Some stops, such as Spring Street (C,E) in the downtown direction have their HEETs placed so dumbly that the gate is used with every train during rush hour.

  2. Todd says:

    Same with PM rush-hour Bay Ridge bound R trains at the 4th Ave/9th Street stop. There are always impatient people who blast through that gate. I bet they have the money to pay tickets!

  3. rhywun says:

    I think I have seen the “emergency” gate used for non-emergency purposes at *every* station I’ve ever exited since this policy started. I think the token booth clerks have even found a way to turn the sirens off, because I don’t hear them so much any more.

    > are criminals able to pay a fine that would increase revenue streams?

    Yes, if the fine is more than $2.


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