Bad grades

By · Published in 2009

With the Second Rider Report Card grades trickling in, The New York Post examines the slew of mediocre marks the MTA has received this time around. I’ll have more on this in a few weeks once every line report is out, but for now, I can’t say I’m too surprised by the grades. It will take longer than a year for the subway to show any improvement, and with service cuts looming, those marks may very well go down before they head back up.

3 Responses to “Bad grades”

  1. JP says:

    I don’t ride every line every day, but I do get around a fair bit, and in the last year or two I haven’t seen that service is noticeably worse.

  2. Mr. Eric says:

    If they graded ONLY the important stuff the grades would be much much worse. The grades get lifted with the vending machine questions and others.

  3. cmdrtebok says:

    I was surprised at these grades… on how high they were. The Lexington ave lines should get an F. Every day I am crammed into that train with no room to breathe and my hand touching the ceiling for balance (which never works, I don’t know why we all do it).

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