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No matter what, MTA to lay off workers

by Benjamin Kabak

While Albany is nearing a deal on the MTA rescue plan (more on that later tonight), the authority may have to eliminate 3000 employees no matter what, according to a report in the Daily News. Numerous workers are being informed that their positions will no longer be funded after mid-April. The authority, according to Glenn Blain and Pete Donohue, is looking to eliminate 3000 positions – 1100 through layoffs and the rest through vacancies brought on by resignations and retirements. As many of these positions are part of the station cleaning crews, this news is dismaying for riders as well as workers, and it jives with what we’ve heard about concerns over the future cleanliness of the city’s 468 subway stations.

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Mr. Eric April 1, 2009 - 9:28 am

It seems strange that the MTA is just cutting workers from the TA when there equals at the lIRR and MNR make alot more money with better benefits. It would save them alot more money if this is really just a cost saving measure like they are saying.


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