Handicapping the MTA leadership race


Elliot Sander is out as the MTA CEO and executive director on May 22. Dale Hemmerdinger’s term as MTA Chair ends in June. As David Paterson searches for a candidate, various transit-watchers are handicapping the race. Yesterday, I noted a three-way race between Marc Shaw, Tim O’Toole and Nathaniel Ford. Today, amNew York’s Heather Haddon adds a few more names to the mix. Haddon reports that Beverly Scott, CEO of Atlanta’s MARTA, is on the short list but isn’t interested in the New York position. She also notes that Richard Ravitch and former MTA CFO Jay Walder may be considered.

While Shaw is seemingly Paterson’s top pick, he appears to represent the status quo at a time when Albany wants to move away from more of the same with the MTA. In fact, Senator Martin Dilan, head of the Senate Transportation Committee, has vowed to block Shaw from the job. I’d go with Ravitch right now.

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3 Responses to “Handicapping the MTA leadership race”

  1. Marc Shepherd says:

    It would be ironic if Ravitch were picked after the legislature refused to enact his bridge toll recommendation.

  2. Fairness says:

    The fact that Shaw is even on Paterson’s short list shows how much of a political “favor” these MTA postions are.

  3. Please, can we have Nat Ford? Rumors say he’s been looking for a new job for a while.

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