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Pictures from the D train murder

by Benjamin Kabak

As more stories from the 30 witnesses to last Saturday’s D train murder have come to light, so too have some photographs from inside the train car. Paola Nuñez Solorio, a 30-year-old photography student, was on the way home last weekend when Gerardo Sanchez allegedly stabbed Dwight Johnson. She pulled out her single-lens reflex camera and started taking pictures. The Times has published four of them, including a graphic one of the victim.

Interestingly, Solorio says that the passengers grew quite panicked after Vincent Martinez pulled the emergency brake. They realized they were trapped in a subway car with someone who had just stabbed a man to death. “Everyone started running toward us. We thought there was a fight. Then we saw this guy with blood coming out of his mouth, and the killer right behind him, putting this thing away. I didn’t know what it was.” she said, later adding, “We didn’t know what to do. We were stuck with the killer.”

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glynis youngling January 3, 2010 - 12:24 pm

with all of thoses people on there you guys could have went after that preson to keep him away. you guys couldof hepled the bleed on the guy that was stadded. i would be more scared taking pics of the murder. shame on you.

bk February 25, 2010 - 9:21 pm

I am grateful you had the presence of mind to photograph that moment. As a photojournalist myself I appreciate your actions in getting those photos. Those who say you should have helped the person are being foolish. Unless of course they levied the same criticism against ALL of the other riders of the train. But we know they didn’t.
Fortunately we have you to thank for bringing us images that convey the terror and sickness of violence in modern society. The world has become immune to things like “death” “stabbing” etc because we lack the images that convey the seriousness of such unfortunate events.
thanks and keep your chin up.


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