Walder: No more service cuts on my watch


MTA CEO and Chairman Jay Walder plans to serve out his full six-year term as the head of the beleaguered transit authority, and this morning, he vowed that the MTA would not cut train and bus service again on his watch. “I think we’ve heard the voice of the people,” he said. “Our intent is not to cut those services any further.” While speaking at a Crain’s New York Business breakfast this morning, Walder said he could not promise the same when it comes to fare hikes. Despite recent efforts to close a substantial budget gap, the MTA is slated to raise fares again in 2013, and Walder plans to adhere to that schedule. I’ll have more on Walder’s comments at the breakfast later.

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7 Responses to “Walder: No more service cuts on my watch”

  1. Lennin Reyes says:

    I only have two words for that, “Yeah Right!”

  2. pea-jay says:

    This promise doesn’t include service tweaks where resources are shifted from underutilized segments to overburdened ones does it?

    • Marc Shepherd says:

      Most likely not. He probably means that there will be no more routes eliminated. To put it another way, he is referring to the kinds of cuts that would require public hearings.

  3. Loosh says:

    How does he know? Given how unsupportive of transit NY State is, it wouldn’t be surprising that more financial support got pulled and then the MTA would have to make more cuts. Even if this is the fault of NY State, Walder will get blamed if cuts are made. It seems a little dumb of him to make this promise right now.

  4. JAzumah says:

    I don’t think he controls that.

  5. Old Yeller says:

    This guy Walder is a hoot. People should call him Henny Walder, his one liners are just too funny.

  6. Sharon says:

    If the union play fair there is no need for any further cuts. The devil is in the details. would you call removing conductors from trains a service cut. I would not, it does not slow a persons commute.

    Would you call running shorter trains overnight a cut. I would not.

    Int he bus system mafia style work rules cost tens of millions a year and yield poorer quality service for riders

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