Reminder: Second Avenue Sagas 5th Anniversary Soiree


Let’s do this again now that it’s not late on a Friday afternoon. As hard as it is to believe, this little site of mine is turning five years old at the end of the month, and what better excuse to we need to have a party. On Thursday, December 1 at 7 p.m. in the Vice Room at The 13th Step on 2nd Ave. between East 9th and 10th Sts., join in the birthday bash for Second Ave. Sagas. Everyone is invited, and admission is free. We’ll have some food, some sweets and a cash bar. Stop by for some subway schmoozing, grab a beer and say hi. It’s been a great five years because of you, my readers, and it’s time to celebrate.

For those who are going to attend — and that should be every single one of you — I have a small request: Please RSVP on the EventBrite page for this event. As I need to have a rough headcount, registration is free. Looking forward to seeing you all there. [Second Ave. Sagas Soiree]

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  1. The Cobalt Devil says:

    Hope you don’t have to break up any fights Ben! The thought of actually meeting some of the commenters in person kinda scares me :-0

    • Hah! I’ve met a good number of them at various things before, and despite our online differences, everyone gets along a-OK. I hope you’ll consider stopping by if you can make it.

  2. Definitely will try and make this. Last time I hung out with other subway buffs was in the front car of the last V train from 2nd Ave to Forest Hills; great time!

  3. Bolwerk says:

    Congratulations on making it to 5 years. And make sure to toast the MTA, which will make sure this blog’s name is still current well into the 21st century! 😀

    Kind of reviving a question by someone who had a similar concern on your other post, but I don’t really know that I can make it until after maybe shortly after 9pm myself (assuming I’m not stuck on Amtrak that night, *sigh*). Any chance of life after 9pm?

  4. Scott E says:

    Ben, I would love to make it and will certainly try. But my wife and I just had a new baby last week (to be honest, she did all the work!), so things are a bit hectic. I’m hesitant to make any commitments to anything right now, but when I get a better feel for things, I’ll RSVP on the website.


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