A new December date for underground cell service

By · Published in 2012

A brief update on an ongoing project: After unveiling the next group of stations set for underground cell service nearly a year ago, Transit Wireless says the first set of these stations should start coming online next month. According to an an update on DNAInfo, Transit Wireless and the MTA will bring the service to Upper West Stations along the IND and IRT lines from 59th to 96th Sts. by the end of December with some stations receiving service as early as October. Along with Times Squares and Rockefeller Center, this group of stations is considered phase one of a seven-phase project.

While waiting for the subway at 14th St. recently, I had a few spare minutes and started playing around with the WiFi offerings. That the service was free over the summer was an added bonus, and although the signal is stronger at various points along the platform, it seemed pretty reliable when I was online.

The free WiFi is supposed to end tomorrow, and while Transit Wireless was working toward anther sponsor earlier this summer, they have yet to announce it. Furthermore, only AT&T and T-Mobile customers can use the cell network. Despite these limitations, it’s still a great improvement for New Yorkers who yearn to be plugged in as they while away the minutes until the next train arrives.

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  1. Jerrold says:

    [A little off-topic, but……]

    Speaking of DATES, now that August has come and gone, does Ben or anybody else have any info about the date for the opening of the Broadway-Lafayette transfer?

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