Events: Riders Alliance launch party; transit social media panel


A few upcoming events: Let’s start with the open bar fundraising. A few months ago, I joined the board of a nascent organization called the Riders Alliance, and this upcoming Monday is our official launch party. Run by John Raskin, a veteran community organization and former Chief of Staff for Daniel Squadron, the Riders Alliance is a membership organization of subway and bus riders in New York, dedicated to winning better transit by organizing transit riders into a powerful political constituency. I think it fills the gaps where other transit advocacy shops leave off.

So on Monday, we’re officially launching the event. Pete Donohue wrote a column about the organization earlier this week, and now we’re ready to go live. I’m one of the hosts of the launch party, and I’d like to extend an invite to my readership. This org lines up with many of the criticisms I’ve leveled at the lack of political organizing around transit issues. If you’re interested in the details, mosey on over to this page, and consider a $50 ticket for the open bar. If you do sign up, tell ’em Benjamin Kabak sent you. I’m one of the hosts.

Meanwhile, on November 27, I’ll be a part of a panel at NYU’s Rudin Center on social media and transit information. Here’s the summary, “From the front lines of Hurricane Sandy, New York’s transportation providers delivered information, images and video nonstop. Both official and informal information services emerged on social media networks to convey clearly the extent of infrastructure damage, and how New Yorkers could expect to get around.”

Joining me on the panel will be Aaron Donovan and JP Chan from the MTA, Robin Lester Kenton from NYC DOT and Tyson Evans from The Times. It’s an 8:30 a.m. breakfast event at the Puck Building at 295 Lafayette Street. Check out the new-ish Broadway-Lafayette/Bleecker St. transfer while you’re there, and RSVP here.

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  1. BBnet3000 says:

    RSVPed, my first blog-related event ive actually gone to (sadly, i missed Jarrett Walker in San Francisco when i lived in the Bay Area).


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