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Complain, and ye shall receive

by Benjamin Kabak

Yesterday, out of frustration, I complained about a long wait during my morning commute. Today, in what I can only assume is a sheer coincidence because I didn’t mention the stop (7th Ave. on the Brighton Line), two NYCT timers were in the station clocking the trains, and what they discovered should not be encouraging. I just missed a B at 9:12 and had to wait until 9:24 for the next one to show up. According to the PDF schedule, these trains should arrive every 8 minutes during the morning rush. Unlike yesterday, a Q showed up in between as it should. Baby steps.

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Todd November 30, 2007 - 11:07 am

You know, I saw some of those people last week and I forgot to ask you about it. I’m glad you mentioned them. Are they part of a new initiative to improve service? Why the need for individuals with stopwatches, isn’t this something that the dispatchers should be able to track? The whole idea seems very 1900’s. But hey, if it helps, I’m all for it.

Also, if we’re keeping track (ha!) the R/N/W/M/D, local vs express never lines up correctly. I’ve just resigned myself to that.

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