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From the subways to the airwaves

by Benjamin Kabak

Last week, Music Under New York — the MTA arm responsible for many subway performers — held their annual auditions. (I wrote more about MUNY last year.) The auditions were a rousing success, and now one lucky performer will hit the NPR airwaves, just not, ironically, in New York. The Bryant Park Project is holding a vote: Pick your favorite MUNY audition tape. The winner will get to play a set live on the airwaves on a show WNYC has opted not to carry in New York. [The Bryant Park Project via SubwayBlogger]

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Rhonda K. May 6, 2008 - 6:49 pm

That is weird.

About this year’s auditions – lots of photos and comprehensive discription at a subway musician’s blog

My fav is the kora player.


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