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We now join in progress ‘As the Escalator Climbs’

by Benjamin Kabak

The soap opera of NYC Transit’s out-of-service escalator epidemic took another step forward this week. On Monday, I noted the recent spate of stories about the sorry state of many subway escalators. A few hours later, the Straphangers called upon NYC Transit to issue a public accounting of all its escalators, privately owned and maintained or not. Gene Russianoff, head of the Straphangers Campaign, hopes that a public list could help put pressure on delinquent operators who won’t fix their escalators. [AMNY Subway Tracker Blog]

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Midwesterner in NYC May 8, 2008 - 9:40 am

I have to say, the escalator issue at the 53rd and lex station is terrible. That is one long escalator.

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