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MTA Board ready to fight for their right to E-ZPass

by Benjamin Kabak

This just keeps getting better and better. While Andrew Cuomo wants the MTA to can the free E-ZPass perks for their current and former board members, the MTA, reports William Neuman at The Times’ City Room blog, is ready and willing to fight Cuomo on the issue.

MTA Chair Dale Hemmerdinger said, “The practice of providing board members free access to the system they oversee dates back at least to the 1950s. We believe the M.T.A. has acted in a manner fully consistent with the 1992 law referred to by the attorney general…But given the newly stated view of the attorney general which is contrary to the M.T.A. position we are going to seek a declaratory judgment and allow a court to determine whether or not this constitutes compensation.” So the millionaires on the MTA Board will use public money to find out if they can keep their free E-ZPass benefits. This, folks, is why people complain about the MTA’s inefficiency and why I have a category labeled MTA Absurdity.

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