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MTA earns $2M federal grant for third-rail heaters

by Benjamin Kabak

With a little help from the federal government, the MTA will get to explore the joys of central air. Last week, the MTA secured a $2 million stimulus grant that will fund the installation of 350 wireless control points for a third-rail heating system. The MTA will be able to monitor third rail heaters from a central location and turn them on or off depending on outside weather conditions. The agency says this technological innovation will reduce energy consumption by around 23,000 megawatt hours and save $1.6 million annually.

This central heating program will replace the MTA’s current “always on” system. Right now, the 1000 third rail heaters are left on throughout the fall, winter and early spring regardless of whether or not icy conditions exist. The wireless central system should be operational by January 2012. “This project is part of the MTA’s overall commitment to lower energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint while putting more people to work as we continue to modernize our infrastructure,” MTA Chairman and CEO Jay Walder said in a statement.

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herenthere October 14, 2009 - 7:42 pm

Didn’t know it even had heaters. And kept it on the whole year. Good news! Of course, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”


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