Accessible transit, enlarged

By · Published in 2008

Smogr, the urban life website whose handicapped-accessible subway map I wrote about on Friday, has released a note on methodology and a larger version of the map available here as a PDF. As he writes, “the basic fact of the matter is that for those with accessibility issues, the NYC Subway is a huge barrier.” [Smogr]

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3 Responses to “Accessible transit, enlarged”

  1. ScottE says:

    Perhaps it shares a platform with the A train; but if not, it’s kind of odd that one end of the Rockaway Park Shuttle is accesible (Rockaway Pk – Beach 116 St) and the rest of the line is not.

    By the way, your link at “a note on methodology” doesn’t work. Remove the %22 from the end fo the address and it’s fine.

  2. Alon Levy says:

    Same-platform transfers are always accessible. Disabled people can board at Rockaway Park, change trains at Broad Channel, and continue on to Port Authority or Penn Station. They just can’t board or disembark at Broad Channel.

  3. Brian Griffin says:

    There are a couple of stations on the 7 missing from this map, and another couple on the northern reaches of the 2.

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