Metro-North unveils new Yankee Stadium stop pricing


While the MTA is preparing to cut service and raise fares throughout the system, Metro-North will soon open a badly-needed station stop a few blocks away from the new Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. The new stop will be a part of the Hudson Line but will provide gameday service along the Harlem and New Haven lines as well. Over the weekend, the Connecticut Post reported on the recently announced fare schedule for the new stop.

In a nutshell, gameday travelers heading to Yankee Stadium will pay their normal Metro-North fares to Grand Central plus one dollar more. That seems like a fair fare to me, and Metro-North officials anticipate 10,000 passengers passing through the station on game days. State and railroad officials are still attempting to hash out a post-game schedule that could include non-stop service from Yankee Stadium to parts of Westchester or Connecticut.

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17 Responses to “Metro-North unveils new Yankee Stadium stop pricing”

  1. huuz says:


    hello from RAB.

    i’m trying to understand how this works, having just moved to the upstate area; i can drive to Westchester or Connecticut and then take a train into the bronx?

    are there other locations? (i’m in the albany area).


  2. k.geis says:


    this is the metro-north railroad, at mta.info.

    there are three lines east of the hudson. you can drive to their northern termini in upper westchester or putnam counties, get on a train, and take it to grand central, with a stop (now) at yankee stadium on the harlem line, and on all lines during game days.

    welcome to new york.

  3. pounder says:

    Parking in Westchester,esp. Yonkers,where there are 4 or 5 stops, will not be easy unless they increase their bus service to the train depot.

  4. greg says:

    Is there a way to get to this stop from North Jersey, specifically Hackensack?

  5. petey says:

    i clicked the fare schedule link and got:

    “Thank you for visiting Connecticut Post Online. We are sorry the article that you requested is no longer available. Please search for this article in our archive search.”

  6. John P says:

    Why not just by a ticket to grand central and get off at the new yankee stadium stop. This would save you from having to pay that extra dollar.

  7. al says:

    you cant buy a ticket to grand central and get off at the stadium because there are metro north people at the overpass who are checking and stamping tickets.


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